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Sun Trust – An Adventure Trilogy by Mark Glen Moore

From writer Mark Glen Moore, author of children’s adventure Jason Marsh and his Intrepid Adventures, comes a sweeping new novel trilogy, Sun Trust. It is a story of political intrigue, Native American tribes, power companies, corruption, murder, and redemption. In this deeply illuminating tale, the reader is immersed in a nuanced web of prophecy, power plays and the inner and outer struggle for the soul we face as individuals, nations, and humanity.

Sun Trust is a special and timely story based on Mark’s real life experiences and research related to the reality of life for Native tribes who continue to fight for economic and cultural standing in the 21st century. It is a story that speaks directly to the extraorinary predicament we now face as a civilization at the end of the fossil fuel age.

Allegory and the Heart’s Journey

In the words of Black Elk, Oglala Sioux and Spiritual Leader (1863 – 1950), “The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers.” In this spirit, author Mark Glen Moore has lived his life by bringing business and artistic sensibilities together in service to his vision of a sustainable future.

Like all great allegorical works of art, the very act of summoning from the mists of imagination those possibilities that seem out of reach, and expressing them through story, carries with it the power to manifest them.

As a teenager, Mark was struck by a powerful vision of solar energy being generated on Native American land. With his forthcoming Sun Trust trilogy, he draws from his real life quest to build that very solar energy company. The result is a powerful and realistic depiction of the challenges and opportunities humanity faces on our path to sustainability.

In Sun Trust, Mark offers not only an inspiring and engaging story, but a strategy. It is an invitation for intrepid adventurers to reach within and embrace “the first peace”, and then outward to express the highest possibilities of the human spirit.

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In Search of Theodore

The Biggest and Oldest Turtle Ever

The Local Hawaiians say he is many years over 100. Nobody knows for sure but the legend is that Theodore has the largest Turtle Clan on the Island of Maui.

So begins this epic and heartwarming children’s story from author Mark Glen Moore about a giant turtle who, with the help of his friends embarks on an adventure to find a new home.

Mark’s touching instant classic weaves together several themes including family, friendship and environmental awareness.

In Search of Theodore will be available in print as well as audiobook format, featuring original music by Mark Glen Moore.

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