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A guitarist and songwriter from an early age, Mark Moore has produced seven albums and performed with world-renowned musicians. “Music is like food, air or water,” Mark explains. “I can’t imagine a life without music. Otherwise, it’s just surviving.” Music is a part of his daily routine. Between putting together business deals or meeting with clients, he’s likely to pick up a guitar and turn on the practice amps, always reaching for the next song or sound that will take his music to the next level. Mark began studying the guitar at the age of seven, and the next year played bass guitar in a school band that performed at retirement homes. By the time he was fifteen Mark was writing songs, and within two years his first band, the Mark Moore Band, was performing at nightclubs on a regular basis. His first album, “The Garden of Love”, was released when he was 22, and he is currently working on a world music album with musicians from South Africa, India, and Brazil. Mark’s early musical influences were the Beatles and Pink Floyd. He says, “When I first heard ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ I was blown away.” U2, Yes, and Steely Dan are other key influences. This is reflected in the soft rock, blues and new age elements in the sound of his latest project, “Dusty Road” by Mountam Band, produced by music legend José Neto and released in 2016 under Mark’s own record label.

Mark Glen Moore playing a guitar
Mark Glen Moore with the Mountam Band

Mark Moore with José Neto, Lorin and Chris Rowan

Mountam Band

Formed in 2014, Mountam Band herald from Marin County, California, just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge among the Redwoods at the foot of Mount Tamalpais. The band is influenced and inspired by all the many great artists, bands and friends that have lived and recorded in Marin County such as The Grateful Dead, Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Crosby, Stills and Nash and so many more. They have named the band after the mountain that is always present here in our community of Marin County. Dusty Road is the debut alt-rock masterpiece from Mountam Band and the seventh album release from Mark G. Moore. The richly produced nine-song offering showcases the masterful musical stylings of Northern California musicians Mark G. Moore, Brazilian guitarest-producer José Neto, Lorin and Chris Rowan, and Celso Alberti. Heralded by music critic Paul Liberatore of the Marin Independent Journal as “dripping with lush vocal harmonies, exotic instrumentation and wave upon wave of sound”, Dusty Road “is the kind of record that demands repeated listening.”

Paying it Forward

Some time back, there was a silent auction in San Rafael to benefit the Butte Camp fire victims. This is where I met Jackson Young, featured here in the photos, and his supportive family. Jackson had the highest bid on a new Paul Reed Smith guitar signed by Journey. For a boy his age, desiring such an esteemed musical instrument from an icon most likely means that playing music or being a musician is serious business to him.

I thought for sure Jackson was going to get the guitar but at the end of the night the family had left and it was still for bid. My heart sank seeing that, and knowing his spirit might have been crushed after staying put for a day, and realizing he had to let go of that precious instrument. As I am an eternal lover of music too, I bought it for him. We met up with Jackson and his family a few days later at Saylor‘s restaurant in Sausalito.

We are up in Sean Saylor’s Sammy Hagar room (thanks, Sean!). As I presented Jackson with the guitar, I explained that when I was about his age, someone had bought me an electric guitar and amplifier and it changed my life. Turns out Jackson can play a mean Rock Candy! Keep your eye out for this guy!

Mark Glen Moore giving a brand new Paul Reed Smith guitar signed by Journey to Jackson Young

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