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MGM Crystal Garden is a full-service landscaping and design company with an emphasis on functional off-grid solar and battery powered solutions. When the power goes out, your yard can be your backup power – day or night!

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors in your own backyard. Breathing the open air, you can relax in the safety and sanctity of your own personal patch of nature. Day or night, the variety of each season’s light, sounds, colors and fragrances restore us and remind us of our essential connection to the Earth.

At a time when more of us are working from home and practicing social distancing, we rely on our private outdoor spaces more than ever before.

With the growing interest in off-grid living, these spaces can utilize abundant solar energy to power drip irrigation systems, hot tubs and solar showers, water features, outdoor lighting and sound systems, and even function as supplemental backup power for your electronic devices – day or night!

MGM Crystal Garden can give you a beautiful and functional outdoor environment by combining eco-friendly landscaping and design with smart solar energy systems. The result? A fully off-grid outdoor space you will love to spend time in.

From concept to implementation to ongoing maintenance, we will work with your vision and preferences to create a truly transformative environment that inspires you and your guests, while providing total peace-of-mind.

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At Crystal Garden, we seek to empower and inspire homeowners with functional outdoor spaces that harmonize natural landscaping design and solar energy solutions to promote healthful independent living.

- Mark Glen Moore


At MGM Crystal, we communicate clearly and deliver comprehensively across all phases.

Design and Planning

We consult carefully, dream deeply and plan strategically, while prioritizing your needs.


Our skilled team draws on a wealth of practical experience to make ideas a reality – effectively and efficiently


We can provide a comprehensive maintenance program to keep your environment in perfect condition for years to come.


MGM Crystal Garden offers a diverse range of elements to create a functional outdoor environment perfectly suited to your lifestyle and preferences.


Using light and shade along with color and shape, we will create a composition that is enjoyable to spend time in, pleasing to the eye and conducive to deep wellbeing.


Stone can be used in a virtually limitless number of ways, for walls, pathways or sculpted into expressive forms. It provides a balancing and grounding sense of stability, strength, and endurance.


We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly options for harvestable herbs, flowers, or aromatics suitable for culinary, aesthetic, or remedial purposes.


Sustainably harvested wood offers a vast variety textures, styles and colors for artistic pieces, to delineate boundaries or as containers for plants. Wood is a timeless material associated with positivity and patience.

Water Features

Water features provide calming, centering focal points. Water is the most yin in character of the five elements and its motion is downward and inward, while its energy is stillness and conserving, representing health and abundance.

Solar Systems

The integration of solar power into your yard will lower your energy footprint and can even be combined with smart battery backup and storage to power your electronic devices when the power is out – day or night.

Outdoor Lighting and Sound Systems

Whether for safety and security, illuminating walkways, or aesthetic effects, we can provide low-power LED lighting as well as audio systems to meet any need – all completely solar powered.

Hot Tubs

With new advancements in solar technology, it is now possible to power hot tubs and solar showers year round completely off grid. With many sizes and styles available, we’ll design and install a system perfect for your needs.

Solar Powered Gazebos

Our solar-powered gazebos are outfitted with power outlets for for your laptop and other electronic devices so you can enjoy the outdoors while you work, relax, or have a meal with friends and loved ones.


Complete with solar-power drip irrigation systems, we can build greenhouses perfectly suited for your landscape. From  medicinal or exotic plants to organic vegetables to seedlings, a greenhouse can provide health and enjoyment.

Performance Areas

Using special design considerations for social distancing, our custom designed areas, stages, decks and seating can be used for entertaining, music, or gatherings. We can even install solar-powered sound systems for live music.

Art Pieces

The options for incorporating art into your outdoor space are limitless. Statues, sculptures, kinetic wind spinners, and many other types of all-weather fine art works can beautifully accentuate your environment.

Harmonize with nature to create your own little paradise on earth.

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